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Transform Imagination into Actual Solution


Awantec has been distributing and managing Autodesk solutions to widen our technology offerings, ensuring our neutrality as a technology agnostic solutions provider. With more than 13 years of experience as Autodesk's Authorised Reseller, you can be certain that we will have the solutions to all product development and prototyping needs that you have.


Offers wide selection of integrated tools for you to meet any project challenge. Utilise the powerful BIM and CAD workflows, enabled by a comprehensive set of software and services to deliver your best work and stay competitive.

Empower your creativity with the ability to create from ideas, collaborate more efficiently, automate the busywork and explore more design options than ever before.

Build complex scenes and render beautiful final frames with 3D animation software.

Scale up your studio’s rendering and simulation capabilities with Arnold and Bifrost while getting your artists the modeling and animation tools they need.

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