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Awantec's Commitment to Sustainability: Taking Action Against Climate Change

As the world continues to grapple with the effects of climate change, we at Awantec recognize the pressing need to take action. Climate change is a complex and multifaceted issue that requires cooperation among individuals, organizations, and governments. Therefore, we are committed to doing our part in reducing our carbon footprint and alleviating the adverse impacts of greenhouse gas emissions.

To fulfill our commitment to addressing climate change, we have adapted to several initiatives. Firstly, as an official supporter of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD), we will continue to measure and report our carbon consumption scope 1, 2, and 3. This will help us identify areas where we can either reduce, avoid the impact or improve our efficiency to target our carbon emissions. Progressively, Awantec will further reinforce the practice by setting ambitious, science-based targets linked to each department's climate-related key performance indicators (KPIs). Our Green ICT Practices and Sustainable policy, which can be found on our website at, which guides our business operations to operate at maximum capacity while minimizing our environmental impact.

Secondly, we recognize that sustainability is a collective effort, and we encourage, educate, and empower our employees to adopt sustainable practices. We provide sustainability-related training and facilities, such as recycling bins, sustainability briefing for new hires, CSR activities aimed at lessening the impact of climate change. Thirdly, we have initiated green screening for our new and existing vendors to encourage and promote sustainability practices in their services. We believe that being sustainably responsible extends beyond ourselves.

Finally, we maintain our partnership with Google Cloud to guide business owners and communities on their journey to the digital cloud. Our business operations directly contribute to reducing our clients' carbon footprint by transferring their database computing energy consumption to carbon net-zero as Google Cloud's energy consumption is entirely sourced from renewable energy.

In FY2023, we consumed a total of 227,387 kWh or 1,648 kWh per employee, surpassing our short and long-term targets as outlined in Awantec's Annual Report for FY2022. As part of our continuous improvement spirit, we have further adjusted our targets to reduce energy consumption down the line.

At Awantec, we remain committed to playing our part in addressing this global challenge and creating a more sustainable future for all. We firmly believe that being sustainably responsible is not only a responsibility but also an opportunity to drive innovation, build resilience, and create value for our stakeholders.


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