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Our New Identity

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Our name AwanBiru Technology Berhad, is descriptive of our direction. Our trade name Awantec, on the other hand is a crisp, contemporary and cosmopolitan representation, that alludes to our lofty direction.


The logo comprise three spheres which overlap to form a stylised cloud. The three spheres represent our overlapping focus on technology and talent held together by a corporate strength that has cultivated an illustrious past and poised to nurture an illuminating future.



A Global Company that Provides 21st Century Talent & Technology Services Platform to Transform Lives



To Drive Sustainable Recurring Profit Through Digital Transformation

Shared Values

Innovation  •  Quality  •  Collaboration  •  Customer-Focused  •  Integrity


At a Glance

Awantec remains committed to drive the technology industry in Malaysia towards and beyond the new digital economy era

Headquartered in Cyberjaya, Malaysia

Incorporated in


Listed on Main Market of Bursa Malaysia on 27 July 2011

Minimum of 50% Profit Payout Dividend Policy & Syariah-compliant stock


Business Ecosystem

We have redefined our Business Ecosystem in rebuilding and enhancing our core businesses, reflecting our agility and adaptability in facing the ebb and flow of Malaysia's digital economy.

Our technology division’s core business is software asset management, software procurement lifecycle management and multi-cloud management services, which have been the mainstay of the Group's business. Its talent division primarily offers change management, competency, and career development, focusing on upskilling and reskilling talents for life long learning in the sectors of ICT, oil & gas, and other industries.

Today, in collaboration with various global partners, we are committed to drive the technology industry in Malaysia towards and beyond the new digital economy via our proven competencies and expertise, in the markets where we serve.

"We enhance human potential through life-long learning and develop local talents for global market"

Dr Abu Hasan Ismail
President/Group CEO, AwanBiru Technology Berhad

Stock Information

27 July 2011
Listed on Main Market of Bursa Malaysia

Stock Code





Share Price

IPO RM0.90

Highest RM3.15 

Lowest RM0.10

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Integrity and Compliance

Awantec Code of Conduct

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Awantec Anti-Bribery and Corruption Manual

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