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All the Upgrades Minus the Downtime


A system upgrade is always the go-to for productivity improvement. The headache that comes with it? Not so much.

Let us deal with them all – from installing and deploying new software and systems to upgrading and configuring the best setup for your system to optimise your performance. We will do all that, with little to no downtime in between, whilst minimising any risks to your system environment.


Active Directory (AD) Deployment

Deploy AD domain services to new or existing AD environment. Our expert will ensure maximum benefit by ensuring all that is new for your AD to be installed/upgraded.

System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM) Deployment

Deploy SCCM to your business environment to easily acquire all of the latest upgrades to peripherals within your network - no matter how vast it may be. SCCM will ensure zero interruption to your operation as the upgrades can be done remotely (and silently) for your target location.

Microsoft 365 Deployment and Migration

Drive an integrated experience of apps and services that are designed to boost creativity and grow your business. Deploy Microsoft 365 and get the latest updates for the all-time favourite apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more to experience the latest features and security updates for the best Microsoft 365 experience.

Structured Query Language (SQL) Deployment

Leverage on SQL to better manage your databases and optimally perform various operations on the data. Managing data or stream processing the said data, SQL is the best language there is in 'talking' to your data. The best way there is.

SharePoint Deployment

Utilise the top-tier web-based collaborative platform that perfectly match with Microsoft Office. Flexibility will be the least of your concern thanks to the flexibility and configurability of SharePoint, whatever your requirement may be. Just name them; content management, intranet, collaborative software, file hosting or custom web applications - its all there in the SharePoint.

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