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All employees are invited!

Ethical Awareness Week

Let's do our work with integrity, and say NO to all forms of bad conduct such as bribery, corruption, bullying and harassment.


#kerjabiarberintegriti #kerjabiarberetika

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Theme for the Quarter:
What are bad conducts and how do I report them?

Awantec is committed to conducting business dealings with integrity, accountability, fairness and zero tolerance against all forms of bribery, corruption, as well as bad conducts such as bullying and harassment. 

To do that, we must first know what are bad conducts, and our course of action when we see them happening in Awantec.

Let's be part of the campaign to support the notion and get the message #kerjabiarberintegriti and #kerjabiarberetika out not just to Awantec employees, but to our partners, suppliers, vendors, and other applicable parties as well!

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Webinar: Whistleblowing Bad Conducts - Bribery, Corruption, Bullying and Harassment

Date: 25 January 2022 (Tuesday), 11.00 a.m. - 12.00 p.m. Link: Join us in a virtual in-house seminar to better understand what can be considered as bad conducts and what can you do as an employee to report on them, using the Group's Whistleblowing channels. Our speaker from Legal and Corporate Governance Department will illuminate on Awantec's stand of zero tolerance on all forms of bribery, corruption, as well as other bad conducts such as bullying and harassment. The seminar will also explain on the Group's Whistleblowing channels and navigate on the whistleblowing processes and rights to anonymity for employees to raise their concerns in good faith.

"What's Your Ethical Response?" Facebook Contest

Date: 26 January 2022 - 27 January 2022 Tell yours (and Awantec's) Facebook followers the ethical responses to the given bad conduct scenarios to ensure that we abide to #kerjabiarberintegriti and #kerjabiarberetika in our day-to-day business conducts. The questions/scenarios will be made available on this webpage on 26 January 2022, which are based on information given via Webinar: Whistleblowing Bad Conducts - Bribery, Corruption, Bullying and Harassment. Further cross-references can be made vide the following: 1. Awantec Anti-Bribery and Corruption Manual 2. Awantec Code of Conduct 3. Awantec Whistleblowing Policy 4. Awantec Vendor's Code of Conduct Wait out for the questions and be the first ten (10) people to post your ethical responses on your Facebook (don't forget to make your post public) with these hashtags: #kerjabiarberintegriti #kerjabiarberetika #awantecethicalweek #awantec to grab Grab Food Vouchers worth RM30.00 each! The winners will be announced in the Keynote by COO video on 28 January 2022. This contest is open for all Awantec employees, except for the members of Legal and Corporate Governance Department.

Keynote by COO and Announcement of the Contest Winners

Date: 28 January 2022 (Friday), 12.00 p.m. The winner of "What's Your Ethical Response?" Facebook Contest will be announced on this webpage, together with a short keynote address by Chief Operating Officer on the key importance of maintaining good governance within Awantec's business environment to create a sustainable future for everyone involved. Remember to visit this page and watch the video to claim your prizes or be square!

Ethical Awareness Week Programmes:

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