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Google Cloud Rapid Assessment & Migration Program (RAMP)

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Google Cloud RAMP is a holistic, end-to-end migration program to help customers simplify and accelerate their path to success. Get started with a free migration cost assessment based on your current IT landscape.

Power your entire migration with us. It’s that SIMPLE


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Determine use cases, explore migration solutions, and select the cloud journey that’s right for you.

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Reduce risk and cost by crafting a detailed migration plan with the help of our cloud experts.

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Move to the cloud securely and efficiently with our tools, solutions, and partners.


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Cloud Planning Session

  • Google Cloud Fundamentals - Core Infra Workshop ( 1 day)

  • Discovery & Planning session

  • Training Journey ( Possible training funds from MDEC*)

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Google Rapid Start

  • Cloud Maturity Assessment
    (1 day)

  • Rapid Assessment & Migration Program

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Free Google Credits

  • Company

    • GCP credits for 90 days

    • GCP Guided Trials

    • GWS Free Trials

  • Individual ( CC required)

    • GCP trial credits worth RM1,260 **

    • 1- month GWS Free Trial


Estimate your cloud migration costs with a free assessment
Get an inventory of your infrastructure, a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) assessment, and more from Google Cloud and our partners.

How can you make your journey to the cloud fast, seamless, and smooth?

Gain insight into your current landscape and estimate the total cost of migration with a complimentary assessment from Google Cloud.


You’ll receive:

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  • An accurate account of your complete database estate along with virtual and physical server assets.

  • A customised report with a detailed end-to-end migration plan on the TCO of moving to the cloud worth RM80,000 ***

  • Guidance from Google Cloud to help you create and execute a migration plan.



* subject to approval from MDEC

** 1 USD = 4.2 MYR

*** based on value of tech partner tool licenses and time for Google resources

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