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Homegrown Products

Homegrown Training and Certification Products by Awantec without compromising Credibility and Trust


With more than a decade of teaching, training, evaluating and managing the learning and education services, Awantec has successfully developed its credible training courseware, certification and as well training platforms that enables us to expand our business into any country without restrictions on IP rights.

Homegrown products gives us the ability to undertake modifications, customisation, localisation, along with the means to update expediently and cost effectively as and when they are necessary. 


IC CITIZEN Certification is developed and designed to produce digitally literate and responsible citizens. This unique yet universal certification program aims to impart Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) that lays down rules of acceptable `netiquette` or behaviour that must be applied when operating digital devices and accessing the Internet within a society.


​IC CITIZEN has successfully making inroads into European and Middle East markets as well as Malaysia (through 1CITIZEN).  IC CITIZEN is currently marketed to 152 countries through our partner, Certiport.


​The certification is now available in e-learning to provide an innovative and convenient option for organisations and businesses across a whole range of sectors.

Proficiency in Enterprise Communication (PEC)

English language competency is an essential element for success in business and industry. Employers, education institutions, and training providers are seeking for a fast, flexible, and affordable way to obtain a valid and reliable measure of workplace English language competency.


The Proficiency in Enterprise Communication (PEC) test is designed to assess candidates' English language competency for occupational purposes in order to meet the needs of employers and employees. It is a good indicator of employees' English language competency as it assesses their ability in the language in four major areas: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The PEC test is developed by Awantec and Prometric, and administered via the Internet.

The PEC test is a valid and reliable language assessment tool designed to help employers in making critical decisions with regard to recruitment of new employees, training, and promotion.

The scope has been widened to other general disciplines to cater to wider markets and plans to introduce e-learning via Mobile Apps where candidates have the option to learn on their terms and their location choices.


SMARTGREEN Fundamentals (SMARTGREEN) is a training and certification program that introduces emerging Green IT principles and equips you with the knowledge to make the 'right' decisions for IT systems and businesses to preserve the environment and natural resources and minimise negative effects of human activities.​


SMARTGREEN is a concept of transitioning from a 20th Century energy-intensive physical infrastructure and processes to an inter-connected, information based Infostructure.


​The modules and content have been upgraded and repackaged to offer candidates with comprehensive up-to-date methodologies and equip them with skills to support and manage Green IT initiatives within an organisation.