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Single Point of Cloud Optimisation and Management

Awantec's Multi-Cloud Management Services encompass a rich set of capabilities for integration and orchestration that support multiple technology stacks across a multi-vendor platform. 

By leveraging on our Multi-Cloud Management Services, managing a wide array of clouds and cloud services for various providers will be a breeze as we impart our deep knowledge of the technology in supporting your cloud journey.

Prestariang as Cloud Aggregator

Our role as a Cloud Aggregator is none other than to underpin your cloud journey by providing a single point of cloud optimisation and management, enabling you to:

Easily manage your purchasing and billing to drive peak productivity.

Access various cloud service offerings and deployment options.

Cloud Coverage

Driving Your Cloud Journey

Your software will be fully managed and your cloud will be thoroughly honed with our steadfast support - all in the name of optimising your technological investments and maximising their returns.

Optimised Cloud Expenditure and Usage

Managed Services Mapping and Dependencies

Established Governance and Audit Trails

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