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Projects & Portfolios

We play our role shaping and driving Nation's economy 

Ever since Awantec started its operations, we have contributed and evolved at a steady pace with various and diverse projects, from delivering software products to human capital development training programmes, that benefits not only our customers, but the society at large as well.

Today, Awantec continuously ventures on unchartered territories, all set to to capitalise on new opportunities in the limitless possibilities of digitalisation, untapped potential of cloud computing as well as the vast prospect in the blue ocean markets.

Current Projects & Portfolios


Selangor Kerjaya

Past Project

Master Licensing Agreement (MLA 3.0)

Bimbingan Perguruan Profesional dalam Teknologi Maklumat dan Komunikasi (BPPT)

Integrated Campus Management System (ICMS)

System Kawalan Imigresen Nasional (SKIN)

Komputer 1Malaysia Digital Literacy and Citizenship Program

Vendor Development Program (1VDP)

Oil & Gas Enhancement Programme


Prestariang Skills Training Institute (PSTI)

Managing University Software
as an Enterprise (MUSE)


Program Pentauliahan Professional (3P)

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