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A world-class infrastructure with a guarantee of compliance, data privacy and full transparency.

Obtain true peace of mind as Google Cloud's unique capabilities, global-scale infrastructure and robust security model keep your business safe and fully compliant. Boasting secure-by-design infrastructure, built-in protection and Google's global network, Google Cloud's infrastructure deliver impervious defense, in-depth and at scale. 


Give your environment an absolute protection via zero-trust security policy, across all users, devices and applications. 

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Stay protected against all variables with compliance as the only constant.

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Secure-by-design Infrastructure 

Google Cloud's built-in protection will recognise potential threats early on, and act on it even before the threats actually materialised. Trust the layers of protection provided and invest your attention to more vital matters. 

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Encryption. Always. 

Some encrypt data in transit, others do it while at rest. Google does its encryption as a default on both states - in transit and at rest to ensure impenetrable defense, with the authorised roles and audited services as the exceptions to the list. 

Trusted security with total transparency.


Global Cloud Compliance 

Third-party audits, certifications, documentations, legal commitments, standards, sector-specific regulations and even latest industry's best practices - Google Cloud has it all, and the list of compliance offerings goes on. 

Complete Data Privacy 

Your data is yours. Not ours, definitely not anybody else's, and not even Google's. They will only be processed in the way you wish it to be. Rest assured that your data will never be used beyond what is intended as you will have full transparency. 

Full Transparency 

From our methodologies, approaches, arrangements and policies, everything will be laid out clearly to ensure mutual understanding between all parties - in the name of fostering trust via transparency. 

Leverage on cloud confidently without compromise. 
Understand cloud and capitalise on its security-by-design feature to drive value.