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Eliminating Costs by Ensuring Compliance

We understand how vital it is to fully understand your software licenses, not only from the compliance perspective but from the technicalities and effectiveness perspective as well. Tackling these aspects will not only ensure the materialisation of your desired business outcomes, but it will eschew any ramifications to your organisation as well – including any unnecessary costs associated with overlapping capabilities, shadow IT and non-compliance.

Gain control of your software assets to catalyse your envisioned business outcomes and eliminate unnecessary expenditure by mitigating your software license risks and optimising your license use by leveraging on our wide range of software asset management services.

We offer


Gain insight of your software assets to better plan the course of action to remediate issues and risks and realign with the best practices. 

This includes Active Directory and System Centre Configuration Manager health check, Cyber Security Assesment and Cloud Readiness Assessm

Cloud Productivity

Obtain clarity and concrete steps required to successfully adopt cloud via a gap-analysis of your organisation.


This includes business insights, cost, benefit as well as recommendation  for optimal cloud licensing.

Cyber Security

Acquire an in-depth understanding of your cybersecurity infrastructure,
including current software deployment, usage, and licensing data.


This includes ensuring the right processes are in place to minimize cyber-risk, a prescriptive guidance and best practices are about cyber security in a digital world.


Understand better of your existing servers and infrastructures to get the most out of your IT investments via data analysis to optimise your current technology environment and outline the best digital transformation strategy there is for your organisation.

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