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Vaccine Management

Skip the pile of paper works and administrative tasks.

In this state of global crisis, the vaccine needs to be distributed to those who need it and the confidence in the vaccine must be instilled, fast. There is no time to be dealing with the complexities of cold-storage logistics, distribution, scheduling, screening and communicating. Let AI be the brain in managing vaccination programmes for you. 


Empower the health workers in combatting COVID-19 with Google Vaccine Management tools. 

Speed, security and scale in vaccine distribution.

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Quick Access to Data

Speed and efficiency are key in a vaccine distribution strategy. Rely on analytics to gain fast, actionable insights straight to the hands of key decision-makers. 

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Driven by the same secure-by-design infrastructure and full encryption both in rest and in transit, the owner will be in full control of their data, constantly. 

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Built on top of native GCP services, Google Vaccine Management solution scales easily to meet any size and scale of enterprise requirement. 

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Keep the public fully informed and connected with Sentiment Analysis. 

Ensure a high level of awareness amongst the masses to lubricate the rapid immunisation initiative via technologies and tools such as: 

  • Open Data Repository: Provides comprehensive, open-source of COVID-19 data and related variables. 

  • Community Mobility Report: Provides support for public health management of COVID-19. 

  • Virtual Care: A feature that keep the public constantly connected with virtual healthcare options. 

  • Anxiety Assessment Tool: Manages stress amongst public including clinical anxiety and depression. 

  • Rapid Response Virtual Agent: Provide quick point of connection for rapid information spread. 

Google Sentiment Analysis will be a key support to have in combatting the spread of COVID-19. 

We are facing a global challenge, unlike anything we have seen before.
Leverage on cloud technology to win the fight against the virus.

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