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Virtual Career Centre

Pave way to career and economic recovery with AI and machine learning. 

The pandemic has impacted many, along with their source of income. With hundreds of thousands unemployed, the nation will need to place these individuals effectively, post-haste. Kick start the economic growth and navigate the nation's way through the rapidly changing job market by harnessing the power of AI and machine learning. 


Get the people back to work, in best possible opportunities that are suited to their skills and interest. 

Manage high volumes of unemployment with cloud.

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Automated and Data-Based 

Unload the burden to automation and leave the paper-based, legacy technology systems in connecting people with suitable employment. 

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Better Decision Making with AI and ML 

Rely on the Advanced Analytics to lubricate and manage huge volume of data collection across multiple agencies with dashboard and visualisation to drive decision making. 

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Get people back to work, fast with rapidly deployable, cloud-driven employment solution. 

Accelerate economic recovery, and stay resilient as a nation with Virtual Career Centre solution which offers multiple tools to facilitate and modernise job-seeking experience: 

  • Advanced Analytics: Scale data collection and obtain key insights in making informed decisions. 

  • Cloud Talent Solutions: Leverage on Google's machine learning capabilities for career matching. 

  • Virtual Agents: Providing around the clock access to various inquiries from the job seekers. 

  • Google Workspace: Conference and collaborate safer virtually, for virtual interviews and job fairs. 


Return the employment security and benefit to the masses rapidly with Google Virtual Career solution. 

Form a multi-sector coalition and rapidly support job seekers amid this crisis. 
Connect them with new skills training and in-demand careers.