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Case Study: Guru Kreatif Google


From January until March 2022, a competition for teachers all around Malaysia was held by Awantec & Google, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MoE). Known as “Guru Kreatif Google”, it was meant to encourage teachers to utilise the Google applications available via the DELIMa (Digital Educational Learning Initiative Malaysia) portal. The apps help facilitate the teachers during the online teaching and learning processes as well as piquing and urging students’ interest in learning virtually. DELIMA is a single online platform that provides learning management system services as well as a variety of learning resources that can be used by educators and students.

The Problem

Malaysia entered the endemic phase on 1st April 2022 after two years of going through different phases of Movement Control Orders (MCO) since March 2020. Schools were closed and teachers including students had to proceed with virtual learning or Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran di Rumah (PdPR) as a way of embracing the new normal. One of the methods of teaching involves the use of the DELIMa portal on top of using live streaming via Google Meet.

PdPR was considered a newly introduced approach as many teachers and students were not familiar with using online platforms to teach and learn. This created a gap for both parties, especially the teachers, who found it challenging to ensure their students were not left behind and were still able to catch up with their studies despite being in lockdowns. Students, on the other hand, found it hard to stay focused during remote learning as they must face multiple classes a day while staring at a screen for a long time.

The Solution

To counter the problem faced by teachers who need to be skilled in using online teaching tools, especially GWS, in a short period while tackling the interests of students, the “Google Kreatif Google” competition was initiated by Awantec & Google as a way of helping both the educators and the students.

Participating teachers were tasked with uploading their most creative videos on Youtube or Google Drive on how they have used Google Workspace tools available in the DELIMa portal to teach their students creatively and in a fun way. They also needed to include hashtags such as #gurukreatifgoogle, #beawesomewithgoogleworkspace and/or #creativewithgoogle for easy reference.

The Result

A total of 300 videos had been submitted for review and evaluation by Awantec and MoE whereby 3 winners were selected respectfully as being the best of the best. A survey was conducted by Awantec after the competition ended to get the participants' feedback and testimonies of their experience when using GWS during PDPR.

Among the comments that we received were

Google Workspace helped me create class groups easily, and the information for each class can be delivered quickly via email. In addition, video recording and Google Meet meetings during PDPR with students can also be carried out easily, and PDPR activities can be carried out in a fun way because I used various gaming apps to attract the attention of my students Chian Chai Hling, SMK Abdul Rahman Talib.

GWS is proven to be very easy to use and it’s awesome for teachers, either in a physical environment or during PDPR. It is so convenient to use! Muhammad Hilmi bin Madzaili, Sekolah Kebangsaan Putra

Using and applying GWS in my career has helped me become organized and make my tasks easier to manage. Nadia Richard, SMK Bandaraya Kota Kinabal


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