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Infrastructure Modernisation

Rejuvenate your infrastructure to meet your future demands, seamlessly. 

Modern businesses and needs require modern solutions - and modernised solutions are exactly what Google Cloud infrastructure is offering, from re-host to re-platform. Migrate to cloud flexibly with zero refactoring required. A sleek combination artificial intelligence plus streaming analytics to be leveraged on to meet whatever your future business requirements might be. 


Assess your existing infrastructure to fulfil your future needs, while optimising every cost spent there is, whilst maintaining your ready-made environment and applications. 

All the solutions to offer for all possible needs.

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Application Migration 

Skip the expensive reinvestment and embark into your cloud journey whilst maintaining your existing investments and tools. 

Leave the discovery and assessment to us - and we will guarantee a perfect recommendation for a greater user satisfaction, iron-clad security and improved application performance, with no-upfront costs. 

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SAP on Google Cloud 

Give your business the very much needed security, reliability and uptime guarantees. Go beyond what your infrastructure limitation and focus on your business needs with our help and support on every step of your way in your cloud journey.


Let us help you to leverage on Google Cloud's capability to accelerate your business via intelligent insights. 

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VMware as a Service 

Transform your VMware environment with just few clicks. Discover the untapped possibilities within your native services via intelligent insights and leverage on a simplified management of your every hybrid cloud environments for a fully integrated experiences. 

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Backup & Disaster Recovery 

Establish robust business continuity with cloud-integrated backup and disaster recovery strategy. This economical and scalable solution is an ideal first step to cloud adoption. This will ensure lowest possible downtime to ensure smooth delivery, encompassing ransomware recovery, test/dev and analytics for a total peace of mind.  

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High Performance Computing 

Crunch impossible numbers and vast variables with pure processing power. Drive innovation with pay-per-use, on-demand resources that are equipped with all the horsepower needed for your massive workloads.

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Virtual Desktops 

Experience the very definition of working remotely, securely. Strike the balance between security and all the resources needed to enable scalable access to high-performance virtual desktops with the safety of user authentication via Google Workspace, IAP or Active Directory.

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Bare Metal Solution 

Take full advantage of absolute minimal latency for your Google Cloud access and integration. Leave your unique workloads to the flexibility and agility of subscription-based Google Cloud pricing to ensure optimal IT cost. 

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Datacenter Migration 

Lift and shift, application change or hybrid of both - Just make your choice and leave it to us. Shift to a more secure and modern environment of cloud and scale your business with enterprise-grade infrastructure. 

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i-Operations with Active Assists 

Leverage on data, intelligence and machine learning to simplify your cloud experiences. Discover the full experience of cloud minus its administrative hassle to alleviate the burden of time and labor. Let the data works for you to alert on potential gaps to drive continuous improvements and strike the ultimate balance of return-per-ringgit invested. 

Don't crack your heads on where to start. Do your Google Cloud Rapid Assessment and Migration Programme today with us. 

Our experts will show you the way.