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Learning & Training

Transform your business with Awantec.

Driving Digital Economy via Lifelong Learning

The goal of training and talent development programmes is to prepare the nation's talent for future industry demands.

Why Choose Awantec

Having trained more than 270,000 people in a variety of fields, we have made a name for ourselves as

a respected training provider.

By delivering both pertinent and cutting-edge solutions to our industry partners, we hope to become Malaysia's leading provider of digital learning solutions.

Over 100
Professional Trainers


Customised Learning Solution


Trust in our proven record of retention and increased job satisfaction.


           Our approach does not stop at encompassing the human capital, but we go beyond and invest in the corporate employee development as well - and that is what made us holistic.

Our Solutions


Invest in an advanced online learning platform that offers an immersive learning experience to future-proof your organisation’s talents. Anyone in your team can access curated content from other sources, such as confidential assets and resources, thanks to Skillsoft. It has a wide range of deployment options and can work independently or in conjunction with HRIS and Learning Management Systems (LMS).


Get the best learning opportunities supported by a culture of self-learning.

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Develop Your Talents Today!

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Awantec | Talent | Skillsoft's Client Testimony

Have you ever wondered what makes Skillsoft such a great platform in the journey to upskill? Look no further.

Join our friends who have used the Percipio platform in their quest to upskill for the betterment of work. 

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