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Unlock Your Potential in Tech with CompTIA

Looking to start or grow your career in the IT industry? Look no further than CompTIA, the Computing Technology Industry Association. We are a non-profit trade association dedicated to advancing the global information technology industry by offering a wide range of resources, certifications, and research to help individuals and organizations make informed decisions and stay competitive in the constantly evolving field of technology.


Industry-Leading Certifications

CompTIA certifications are industry-leading credentials designed to help you start and advance your IT career. Whether you are just starting out and looking for entry-level IT certification, or you want to take your IT career to the next level with an advanced certification in cybersecurity or other areas, CompTIA can help.


Our certifications are based on rigorous, performance-based exams and are trusted by employers and IT professionals around the world. With over 3 million certifications awarded to date, CompTIA has a proven track record of helping individuals unlock their potential in tech.

4 Steps to Certification

Getting certified with CompTIA is easy and straightforward with our 4-step process:

Step 1

Choose Your IT Certification


We offer a wide range of certifications to choose from, including IT Fundamentals, A+, Network+, Security+, and more. Choose the certification that best fits your career goals.

Step 2

Get Familiar with Your
IT Certification Exam


Learn about the exam format, topics covered, and other details to help you prepare for your certification exam.

Step 3

Begin Learning and Training for Your Exam


We offer a variety of learning and training resources, including courses, study guides, and practice exams, to help you prepare for your certification exam.

Step 4

Register and Take Your Certification Exam


When you are ready, register for your certification exam and take it at a testing center near you.


Valuable Resources and Insights

In addition to our certifications, CompTIA offers a variety of resources to help individuals and organizations in the IT industry. Our toolkits, guides, and playbooks cover a wide range of topics, including cybersecurity, emerging technology, workforce trends, and the public sector.


We also offer research on topics such as business planning, marketing, education, and sales efforts. Members of CompTIA have full access to all published research, including an archive of over 50 reports, and at least 15 new studies are

published annually


Join the CompTIA Community

When you become certified with CompTIA, you become part of a community of IT professionals dedicated to advancing the industry and helping each other succeed. Our community offers networking opportunities, events, and other resources to help you stay connected and informed.

Take the first step toward unlocking your potential in tech with CompTIA. Choose your IT certification and start your journey today!

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