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Change Management

Transform your business with Awantec.


Change management is a systematic approach to enable stakeholders to transition from their current state to a desired future state, with specific focus on encouraging the needed changes in behavior and mind-set. It is the capability and set of interventions that deliver the people side of a change effort.


With our in-depth knowledge and proven methods, we assist any organisation to develop its talents and cultures, leading to improvements.

Wealth of

Strong Track



Structured Process Approach

Awantec ensures that any project is implemented with the right structure in place. We believe that change management should be systematic, yet simple and practical.

Using a structured change management approach benefits your employees,

your projects and your organisation:


“Projects with excellent change management programs were six times more likely to meet or exceed their objectives.” 

Source: Prosci Best Practices in Change Management 2017


“The ROI achieved on G Suite projects where there is excellent and sophisticated change management program in place” 


Source: The Value of Change Management, Google + Raconteur, 2016


“Companies with high effectiveness in change management are three and a half times more likely to financially outperform their industry peers.” 


Source: Towers Watson Change and Communications ROI study, 2013-2014


Our Solutions

To ensure a full cloud adoption, our change management experts will develop and execute efficient and effective plans to map your cloud journey.  


It does not have to be complicated.


Change Management Strategy

Change Impact Assessment

Identify the changes, people, and process that are impacted, and relay tailored, key messaging respectively.

Upskilling and Reskilling

Upskill and reskill impacted people based on a clear training need  analysis, execution and evaluation.

Change Readiness Assessment

Determine the readiness of people, process and technologies for the change.

Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

Analyse stakeholders' influence, importance, and impact in relation to the change, to engage effectively.


Prepare for Go-Live with established support, governance structure and chain of command to ensure success.

Job Realignment Strategy

Benefit Realisation Report

Our Value Adds

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Start your Transformation Success with the right Change Management Strategy

Our experts will connect with you soon.


Case Study

Awantec’s Change Management is an important ingredient for successful implementation of Google Workspace Enterprise for Education. It is the process of driving awareness and adoption of the new system to ensure the expected outcomes are achieved. It helps to ensure that the end-users are comfortable and confident in using the new system. We have already started the process of creating awareness and training for the end users plus have

conducted webinars and one-on-one sessions to


guide the end users through the process of using Google Workspace Enterprise for Education.

Additionally, we have also created user-friendly documents, videos, and FAQs to help the end-users understand the new system. With the right strategies in place,  we will be able to achieve our goals of improving education in the country.”


Education Industry Employee

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