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Education Sector

Malaysia's education industry is undergoing a shift with the introduction of Education 5.0, which incorporates digital technology into teaching and learning techniques to make them more customised, automated, connected, and modern for the future workforce.


With its vast experience in the education business and professional services and technology solutions built on secure Malaysian cloud platforms and excellent connectivity infrastructure, Awantec enables moving education ahead easier and more predictable than ever. Use the power of digital learning, analytics, security, and connectivity to provide comprehensive, high-quality educational institutions throughout Malaysia to support the country's future prosperity.


Key Challenges

Limitations for virtual classrooms.

The management of the gadgets that were given to particular student groups is also necessary.

Moving the systems to a cloud platform to improve flexibility and scalability for online lessons.

Transitioning from using Google Applications for Education to assist educators and students.

Training &

Proposed & Implemented Solutions

Google Workspace

Google Workspace's Fundamental Version, which solely allows for online instruction, has limits. To illustrate how GWS Education Plus may be utilised to create an interactive classroom environment and boost student engagement, a proof-of-concept session was held. This solution reduced stress for educators in class management and allowed users to manage many devices and create reports with data from stunning dashboards that could be shared with upper levels of administration.

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Google Cloud

When supplying course information to students, the client is required to be able to swiftly expand resources based on demand while also assuring the high availability of their apps. To solve this, they chose the Google Cloud Platform (GCPInfrastructure-as-a-Solution)'s (IaaS) service, which provided more elasticity and scalability. The move was successful, prompting the customer to adopt cloud technology as part of their infrastructure modernization strategy. There are plans for more migrations into GCP as a result of this first educational subscription utilising the CFA framework, which proved a smooth migration process.

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Change Management

Through a comprehensive Change Management plan, the education industry successfully informed and trained all teachers nationwide on the use of new features in Google Workspace Enterprise for Education. Over 6,800 educators received instruction on utilizing the technology in both practical teaching and administrative capacities, while over 1,100 system managers and staff members were also trained on implementation and basic managerial practices. This ensured a smooth adoption of the technology across the industry.

Percipio Skillsoft

The eLearning platform from Skillsoft assists instructors in staying current and improving their teaching methods. The deployment of Skillsoft, resulted in better class management and higher student involvement. Educators have access to a variety of courses and tools that enabled them to deploy new teaching practises and produce reports based on data from interactive dashboards. The solution lowered teacher stress and highlighted the value of upskilling in the education profession.

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