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What We Do

At Awantec, we are passionate about providing our clients with the best technology-enabling services and knowledge as a digitalization enabler of talent and technology.

Our main goal is to provide organisations with the best solutions possible so they can accomplish more with less. For clients in a variety of industries, our skilled and qualified staff can design, develop, and implement specialised solutions, bringing your business further.


With the twin synergistic offerings of Technology & Talent, the Group strives to continuously provide innovative solutions that improve operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction and overall cost savings.

Business Ecosystem

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Transform. Disrupt. Innovate


That is Awantec's goal as an enabler of Talent and Technology digitalisation. There is no doubt that digital transformation is the only viable option. We ride the digitalisation wave with the help of our international partners, providing our stakeholders with cutting-edge digital assests and skills to make sure no one is left behind.

Cloud Solutions

We help organisations and businesses discover the right solution to unleash their true potential to scale, as Malaysia’s trusted Google Cloud partner.

Managed Services

We ensure seamless implementation of brand new solutions to negate risk and maximise return for every ringgit spent.

Strategise migration and Integration
Optimise Resources
Manage day-to-day IT operations

On-Premise Offerings

We supply the infrastructure and hardware required to match the digitalisation demands.

  • Unified Communication

  • Hardware & Services

  • PCs & Laptops

Training and Certification

We cultivate digital expertise and capabilities to take full advantage of the new and improved IT environment.

Profiling and Placement

We provide befitting talents with the right attitude, and capabilities as well as drive-complementing the newly acquired technologies to ensure true digital readiness.

  • Strong collaboration with recruitment partners, nationwide

  • Huge candidate and vacancy data across various industries
    Technology  | Human Resources | Retail | Manufacturing

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