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Public Sector

Awantec is cognizant of the potential of digital transformation.

By deploying cutting-edge technological solutions and world-class experience, we help businesses and institutions across industries modernise.


We collaborate closely with our clients in the government or public sector to create excellent outcomes, and our creative products and services are designed particularly to fit your individual business objectives.


Key Challenges

Achieving results from an increase in internal and external connectivity.

Upgrading legacy unified communications systems to meet modern needs.

Maintaining company continuity throughout the epidemic.

Ensuring solution agility and better performance for all stakeholders. 

Developing Digital Intelligence of internal talent for a digital economy.

Structuring change management procedures to ensure a smooth transition to a new system.

Utilising essential ICT hardware solutions while maintaining data security and efficiency.

Proposed & Implemented Solutions

ZOOM for Enterprise

After assessing Zoom as an option for our client, we can confirm that it is a great choice because of its user-friendly features. A growing number of businesses, both big and small, are using Zoom for a myriad of reasons—agile scrum meetings, remote teams, product training, group mediation & customer support.


The  Enterprise plan we recommended met our client’s business needs and wants with some nifty features included at no additional cost.

Google Workspace

We suggested leveraging Google Workspace to promote Hybrid or Nomad Workplaces. Our customer was able to host efficient and well-organised events such as webinars, town halls, and meetings with over 10,000 people while staying in touch on a regular basis via video conferencing. We also advised the customer to transition to Google Workspace and use collaborative tools such as Google Meet, Google Chat, and the Calendar App. The customer was overjoyed since working together proved to be considerably more cost-effective; they were able to save time and make the implementation process go more smoothly.

google-workspace logo.png

Google Cloud Platform

We recommended the Google Cloud Platform to assist the client. Users were able to rely on many applications - such as chats and files stored online - to liaise effectively with clients and each other. We successfully migrated 35,000 users from the legacy system to the Google Cloud Platform.

google cloud_wordmark_color.png


The client was eager to find ways of expanding their communication and collaboration capabilities both internally and externally. With an Adobe Value Incentive Plan, they were able to have a much simpler way of managing this than before- all while having the ability to choose from different packages based on their needs, while also keeping all of their data safe with encryptions provided by Adobe.


Profiling & Placement

Awantec leads the implementation of a Holistic Talent Acquisition program to help propel the State economy. The initiative involved profiling assessment and job-matching before the actual job placements take place. Candidates go through a rigorous assessment process to ensure they are the right fit for the job and are satisfied with the arrangement.


Training & Development

Our centralised competency skills acquisition hub and database, paired with Skillsoft’s Digital Transformation Academy's personalized and immersive learning platform, equip individuals, leaders, and managers with the knowledge and tools to effectively leverage technology for organizational growth and success, while also overcoming potential obstacles through preventative quality assurance approaches and fostering positive outcomes.


On-Premise Solutions

We provide a communication interface programme that alleviates concerns by facilitating conversation between participants regardless of geographic location with enforced security measures.


Consequently, overcoming obstacles like anxiety through preventative quality assurance approaches that provide security while retaining tight socialising and fostering sector-wide partnerships that promise expanded services. Realizing professional advancements after project completion, giving client sustainability increased levels throughout sectors, and assuring long-term successes

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