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Future-proof talents via intelligent content and learning experience.

In helping talents and organisations in line with digital industrialisation, we offer an intelligent online learning experience platform that delivers an immersive learning experience.

Designed as an open learning platform that is AI-driven, Skillsoft enables organizations to access curated content including proprietary resources and assets from other sources. It has highly flexible deployment options and can operate on its own or be integrated with HRIS and Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Access Anywhere

Expanded support and access to both iOS and Android.

Actionable Insights

Reporting tools to understand learners better.

Easier Access

Tag topics and content to access favourite topics.

On Device Alert

Get notified about fresh and featured topics.

Modern, Simple and Intuitive Design

icon_Talent_learner centric.png

Learner-Centered Design

icon_Talent_personal experience.png

Personalized Experience

icon_Talent_competency building.png

Micro-Learning and Competency Building

icon_Talent_enchance content.png

Enhanced Content Discovery


Self-Selected Playlists


Maximize Employee Engagement 

Real-life example learning
Learners who watched scenario-based video performed significantly better

Increase in content relevance


Curated contents on target skillset
Learning and developing during Work-From-Home (WFH) is more immersive.

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Dashboard for Monitoring

Learning Monitoring Tools
An overview at a glance on learning hours, patterns and performance via dashboards, ROI guaranteed!

24/7. Anytime, Anywhere

Device-Agnostic Platform
User friendly and easy access of Percipio through smartphones and tablets.


Passing rate with Percipio

Skillsoft Certification Preparation
Approximately 92% pass the exam with Percipio on the first try.

Apply knowledge in daily work

Direct practice of skill sets developed in daily tasks
97% of Skillsoft learners have applied skills learned immediately into their work through Percipio.

Improve Employee Focus

percipio infographic icon_focus.png

Online Learning made fun and interactive
Gamification factors like earning badges that improves the learning impact.

percipio infographic icon_virtual collaboration.png

Improving Virtual Collaboration

Clear Team Collaborative Efforts
Helps improving a clearer direction that helps in an effective virtual workplace.

Get the best learning experiences driven by self-learning culture.

Productivity and Collaboration
All the tools and skills needed to boost your efficiency and teamwork.

Learn the art of leading and motivating individuals towards one common goal.

Acquire the essential knowledge and more to drive your business forward.

Digital Transformation
Understand the fast-paced, ever-changing digital technology and leverage from it.

Technology & Developer
All the top requirements for software developers for you to master.

Align your organisation to comply with the existing legal laws and regulations.

Personalise learning.

Discover content that is best suited to address a learner’s specific areas of interest by utilising engaging content that is automatically updated and mapped, across nearly 700 channels by Skillsoft’s expert curators

Talk to us and get your free 14 days trial today!

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