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Hybrid Workplace

The ideal hybrid workspace is outfitted with technology that accommodates all types of workers. There are several adaptable solutions that may assist businesses and employees in maximising the new reality of work-from-anywhere. 

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Here are three key areas to focus on to encourage remote work in a hybrid workplace setting:

New Technology


Remote Friendly

Office Space

Knowledge Sharing


Our Solutions

Awantec. Your Trusted Hybrid Workplace Partner.

Workplaces require a variety of technologies to serve offices and remote workers. Awantec is able to offer technology to support the creation of hybrid workplaces that are more productive and secure thanks to a partnership with Hybrid Solutions Specialists.

Ease of Access

Secure Connectivity

Easily Adaptable

Our Solution Partners

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Google Workspace to help your organization thrive in hybrid work

There is a reason why Google Workspace is the go-to business productivity and collaboration tool for billions of users. With everything you need to get anything done in one place - powered by AI and machine learning- reimagining teamwork and collaboration is hardly difficult.

Work safer with Google

  • Data loss prevention (DLP) for Chat

  • Trust rules in Drive

  • Client-side encryption (CSE) in Gmail and Google Calendar

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Build Your Business Anywhere

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Case Study

Zoom allowed us to be for productive and organise meetings from anywhere. It was super easy to connect & collaborate with our colleagues at anytime"

Public Sector Client


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