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Rocheston is a next-generation innovation organisation, with cutting-edge research and development in advanced technologies.

Cybersecurity | The Internet of Things | Big Data | Automation

Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving and highly volatile field, and the Rocheston Cybersecurity Certifications will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to stay safe in this constantly changing space.


With certifications from Rocheston, you'll be able to work in the fields of:

Network Security | Data Protection | Information Assurance

Protect your company's data and assets from cyberattacks!


Rocheston believes in cultivating original thought and fostering the natural ability to reason. Their programmes are intended to promote creativity, achieve excellence, and uphold standards.

Rocheston Certification Roadmap 2022

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Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Specialist (RCCS)

Securityone® will essentially offer you a working understanding of all of the fundamental dangers to cybersecurity in our daily lives as well as how to cope with them.

A Cybersecurity Specialist will become one of the most sought-after roles in any firm, large or small, in any country across the world.

Benefits of getting the
Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Specialist

Identify the challenges

Safeguard privacy

 Save time, energy and money

Be less anxious

Become an expert

Defeat a threat

The RCCS will essentially equip you with a working understanding of all the core cybersecurity dangers in our daily lives, as well as how to cope with them. Every end user, which is practically all of us in today's society, who has a little digital footprint, has to be trained on how to safeguard their devices and systems.


Join us in our efforts to ensure that everyone has a cybersecure existence.

A cybersecurity specialist program will teach you to safeguard your privacy.


Rocheston Certified Cyber Security Engineer (RCCE)

Multiple variants of the RCCE test are available. To guarantee that the RCCE exam is academically credible and adheres to test development standards, each form has undergone extensive beta testing with a sample target population and undergone psychometric analysis.

To guarantee that candidates taking the certification programme are tested on topics that are pertinent in the actual world, the whole test creation cycle was completed.

The RCCE exam tests candidates on four domains

Domain 1

Cybersecurity Policies and Governance

Domain 2


Vulnerability Assessment

Domain 3


Vulnerability Management

Domain 4

Security Incident Response and Recovery Plan

The RCCE test evaluates applicants' ability in several technical areas.

To grasp the extent of the questions they will tackle during the exam, cybersecurity professionals wishing to take the RCCE exam must have a specific level of technical skill.


RCCE Exam Track

The Cyberclass Web Portal

Registrants will have access to an online e-learning platform.

  • Study Videos 

  • Pre-Recorded Lectures 

  • White Papers 

  • Informative Animations 

  • Presentations

** The Web Portal can be used to catch up on a missed session or to re-watch an attended session.




Hanif Halim

"I've gained a better understanding and ability by adopting a zero-trust methodology in the digital world."


Nurul Hazwani

"The programmes enabled me to have a greater insight into the cybersecurity industry and the importance of protecting data."


Mohd Shahrul Hafiz

"The programmes enabled me to have a greater insight into the cybersecurity industry and the importance of protecting data."

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