Our Sustainability Journey

At AwanBiru Technology Berhad (Awantec), sustainability is key for us to realise both our vision of transforming lives and mission of driving sustainable recurring profit through digital transformation.

The emphasis on incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects into most, if not every decision made throughout the Group, has become a focal point for us. We witnessed how the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) severely affected lives and livelihoods as well as businesses and nations on a whole, transforming our perception of 'normal' for individuals and businesses alike.

Since March 2020, we as well as other global citizens were veered into the new normal of living and working under lockdown conditions. Without any firm outcomes on vaccines, we are still existing in an unknown terrain. As we are compelled to reset ourselves to a sustainable normal, sustainability remains our top priority to not only recover and rebuild ourselves, but in also extending our support towards nation building.

In our fifth Sustainability Statement that is embedded within our Annual Report 2020, we aim to disclose the progress made by Awantec and its Group of Companies (the Group) in managing our material sustainability matters in a clear and transparent manner. This includes our performance, targets and initiatives that are embedded into both of our business operations and corporate culture.


Following the Materiality Assessment which was conducted in 2019, the Group had identified five (5) highly relevant Materiality Matters that correlate with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and the requirements of FTSE4Good:

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Green IT Practices

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Recruitment, Career, Training and Development

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Economic & Governance


Ethics and Integrity

Customer Satisfaction

Whilst being fully invested in our Materiality Matters, we continue to move towards aligning our efforts to, and achieving the UNSDGs  which are relevant to our operations, by specifically focusing on five identified UNSDGs. During the reporting year, we continued with the journey to embed and align the UNSDGs into our sustainability initiatives:

Prestariang is committed to its Sustainability Goals, which have evolved and are in relation to the Company’s Vision and Mission. This further correlates with the five (5) Sustainability Principles:

  1. Environment

  2. Marketplace

  3. Community

  4. Workplace

  5. Governance

You may find out more on our sustainability performance and progress for the financial year in our Annual Report 2020.