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Awantec’s Climate Risk Assessment

At Awantec, we recognise and are committed to addressing climate change as a relevant risk and opportunities to drive innovation, build resilience, ensure the long-term sustainability of our business and create value for our stakeholders. 

With the oversight from our Board of Directors and engagement from all Head of Departments, we have carried out a thorough climate-related risk assessment to identify key risks and opportunities associated. Specifically, to prepare ourselves against the 2 degree scenario as a reference point for climate-related scenario analysis and business planning. The risk assessment exercise has allowed us to identify multiple significant areas of risk associated with how climate change impacts our business operations and planning, including OPEX, CAPEX, M&A and debt. 

To address these risks according to their time horizon, we have developed a range of strategies and initiatives aimed at reducing our environmental footprint, increasing our resilience to climate-related risks, and taking advantage of emerging opportunities in the low-carbon economy. Our progress shall be measured and benchmark through specific metrics and targets which will be reviewed and updated annually. These analysis will also be incorporated into our financial planning and reporting processes to our stakeholders. 

At Awantec, we're all about sustainability. That's why we pledge to synchronise all forthcoming CAPEX with our sustainability objectives. This commitment extends to our on-going mission on replacing carbon-intensive assets with eco-friendly alternatives. Our financial planning for action includes a dedicated budget for sustainability. This process ensures that our CAPEX are meticulously aligned with our decarbonization goals. By adopting this approach, we can accurately allocate appropriate financial resources toward projects and initiatives that promote sustainability, effectively reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and advancing sustainable practices.. With transparency and accountability as our guiding principles, we're driving real progress in the fight against climate change. Join us as we build a greener future together at Awantec!

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