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Smart Analytics

Eliminate all constraints and ride on the certainty of data to innovate.

The limitations of scale, performance and cost are no longer a concern once you've unlocked the vast possibilities of big data. Obtain pure and unbiased real-time data-driven insights via empowering your business with multicloud analytics platform to reimagine your business. 


See through the noise and complexities with the power of Gartner's Leader of 2020 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management System. 

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Unleash the power of big data for your business.

Data Warehouse Modernisation 

Discover how to make use of your warehouse, optimally via key products such as: 

  • Big Query

  • Big Query ML

  • Big Query GIS

Data Lake Modernisation 

Give your team the power to ingest, store and analyse large volume of diverse full-fidelity data, safely and in a cost efficient manner via tools such as:

  • Dataproc

  • Dataproc Hub

  • Cloud Storage

  • BigQuery 

Stream Analytics 

Render the data functional from the very moment the data is created by ingesting, processing and analysing them in real-time via tools such as: 

  • Dataflow

  • Pub/Sub

  • BigQuery

Business Intelligence 

Widen your horizon by looking further ahead via the power of data and ascertain every situations using tools such as: 

  • Looker

  • BigQuery BI Engine

  • Connected Sheets

  • Data Studio

Marketing Analytics

Ramp up your marketing by giving your customer what they want, when they wanted it, in the way they wanted it - guided by the raw power of data via tools such as:  

  • Google Marketing Platform

  • Data Studio

  • BigQuery Data Transfer Service

Stop solving tomorrow's problems with yesterday's setups. 
Capitalise on Google Cloud's smart analytics to remove complexities and uncertainties.