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Be the change. Make a difference.
Blow the whistle.

Awantec Whistleblowing

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Awantec is committed to Doing Well by operating ethically and sustainably.

This is the very core that instill trust between us and our stakeholders.


In keeping that confidence high, we continue to maintain high standards by abiding to all applicable rules, regulations and best practices within our operations.

We practice a zero tolerance policy against all forms of bribery and corruption. We do not condone any form of violations to any internationally recognised human rights, environmental regulations as well as the health and safety of people around us.

If you know, or are aware of any improper conducts (be it misconducts or criminal offense) committed or is about to be committed within Awantec, step forward and report it to us.

We assure that all reports will be treated with strict confidence and shall be investigated promptly.


All whistleblowers shall be protected from any risk of reprisals to the extent reasonably practicable.

Please refer to our Whistleblowing Policy, as well as our Code of Conduct for more information.

You are protected. Blow the whistle and make the change happen.

Your report shall be investigated and treated as confidential. Thank you for your cooperation.

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