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Doing Well by Operating Ethically and Sustainably

We are committed to keep a high Corporate Governance Standard

True to our commitment above, we continue to meet and exceed applicable statutory requirements, best practices, guidelines and standards. In doing so, we are guided by the guidelines and policies below:

Awantec Code of Conduct

Awantec Personal Data Protection (PDP) Notice

Awantec Corporate Governance Framework

Awantec Related Party Transaction Policies & Procedures

Awantec Board Charter

Awantec Remuneration Policy

Awantec Nomination Policy

Awantec Nomination and Remuneration Committee (Terms of Reference)

Awantec Anti-Bribery and Corruption Manual

Awantec Corporate Disclosure Policy and Procedures

Awantec Directors' Code of Conduct and Ethics

Awantec Diversity Policy

Awantec Audit Committee (Terms of Reference)

Awantec Long Term Incentive Plan Committee (Terms of Reference)

Awantec Whistleblowing Policy

Awantec Vendor's Code of Conduct

Awantec Fit and Proper Policy and Procedures

Awantec Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Awantec Human Rights Statement

Awantec Risk Management Committee (Terms of Reference)

Awantec Board Oversight Committee (Terms of Reference)

Awantec Policy on Adequate Procedures

FTSE4Good Constituent

since 2015

Four out of four stars

Employee Demographic

by Gender

56% Female  44% Male

Ranked 75th

in MWSG Top 40Companies for CG Disclosure 2020

Excellence Award for CG Disclosure

2020 Winner

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