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A collaboration with Menteri Besar Selangor (incorporated), Awantec is to develop and implement the Selangor Kerjaya Program set to provide skills training and job placement for 10,000 job seeking Malaysians residing in Selangor.

The Selangor Kerjaya Program is a key state program where PSSB will not only provide training and job placements for job seekers but also provide Selangor state government with analytics and intelligence that will give the State a strategic advantage over its peers and will improve employment opportunities of its residence in future.

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Major Project

Prestariang Skills Training Institute (PSTI)

Master Licensing Agreement (MLA 3.0)

Awantec (formerly known as Prestariang) is a Technology and Talent Pioneer that has evolved from being Malaysia’s largest ICT software and training service provider to a Digital Transformer.


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