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A Noon of Celebration - Prestariang Appreciation Lunch

Just like how chicken rice is incomplete without the chicken, or how lonely tikka masalla is without biryani; what is Prestariang without all of its people.

One cannot be whole without the other, and so does Prestariang - the Group cannot be complete without its valued people who have been the very core of the business successes over the years.

With a 'free and easy' setting, the appreciation lunch was held at Grand Hyatt, Kuala Lumpur on 8th July 2020 to celebrate the partnership and camaraderie built over the years between Prestariang and its people.

Attended by Prestariang's Board of Directors, members of its Management, employees and former employees, the JP Teres of the Grand Hyatt was filled with chatters and clangs as the guests help themselves with a generous portion of a four-course lunch.

May this relaxing noon be an avenue for Prestariang and its people to strengthen their bonds and nurture their relationships further for many successes to come.

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