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Accelerating Digitalisation for SMEs with Google Workspace

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes, including transforming the way we work and deliver our tasks. Restriction on physical interactions hinders the daily operations of small & medium enterprises (SMEs) in their bid to ensure customers can buy their products. The shift towards online platforms to sell or offer their services increased tenfold over the past two (2) years. The new normal has brought constant challenges in the adaptation, leading them to search for solutions to incorporate digitalisation as part of their long-term business operation as a hybrid working on an upward trend as a permanent work culture. This work style and new operation method help in saving resources, increasing productivity, and promoting healthy work-life balance if executed well.

The Awantec Solution

As a Premier Partner with Google Cloud, SMEs need look no further in their journey of cloud adoption. This unique solution offered able to assist any SME would be the use of Google Workspace or GWS. Offering SMEs communication and collaboration tools that enable teams of all sizes to connect, create and collaborate. GWS assists businesses to grow and run more seamlessly by integrating everything and everyone including customers, partners, and suppliers, all in one place.

Accelerating Digitalisation of SMEs

With GWS, SMEs have a cloud-based solution that promotes team transparency and boosts productivity. By transitioning towards the cloud and adopting digitalisation, it is easy to plan, share, coordinate and execute tasks with colleagues or customers as GWS helps minimise their time, cost, and efforts.

The solution automates synchronisation on multiple devices, including phones, tablets, and computers, allowing employees to work anywhere and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Employees will be able to collaborate with their team, or with third-party partners by streamlining their work using AI-powered productivity tools and insights provided by GWS such as Google Drive and Google Meet.

As part of the solutions available to assist SMEs in digitalisation, 4 distinctive packages have been developed to meet the needs and price points of the various sizes of the different SMEs. As part of the package, the inclusion of domain registration, support, setup & deployment and even hardware is provided.

SME Digitalisation Initiative

An initiative by the Ministry of Finance, under Budget 2020 the SME Digitalisation Grant was introduced to assist SMEs and Cooperatives in the digitalisation of their business. As part of the grant, entitled SMEs will be given a maximum of 50% or RM5,000 in savings – limited to the first 100,000 SMEs applying to digitalise their business operation.

Eligible businesses must fulfill the requirements to be eligible for the grant.

As one of the Technology Service Providers (TSP), Awanbiru Technology Berhad (Awantec) is a technology and talent pioneer that has evolved from being Malaysia’s largest ICT software and training service provider to a digital transformer.

If you are an eligible SME interested in integrating Google Workspace into your daily business operation, contact Awantec to discuss the best GWS package suitable for your company and within your budget.

Visit the Awantec SME page at for more info.


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