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Awantec and Google Collaborate to Shape Malaysia's AI Future at Malaysia AI Nexus

KUALA LUMPUR - Awantec, in partnership with Google, participated in the Malaysia AI Nexus, marking a significant milestone in the nation's AI journey. The event emphasized the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in various sectors, particularly education.

During the event, Awantec showcased how Google's AI tool, Gemini, can revolutionize education by empowering both students and educators. The collaborative effort aims to unlock the potential of every learner through advanced AI technologies, fostering a future where education is more personalized and effective.

“AI has the power to revolutionize education,” stated Awantec’s spokesperson. “Our collaboration with Google highlights how tools like Gemini can empower educational stakeholders, promoting a more collaborative and innovative learning environment.”

The Malaysia AI Nexus brought together industry leaders, policymakers, and innovators to discuss AI's role in shaping the future, with a strong focus on its ethical application and societal benefits. This partnership between Awantec and Google underscores a commitment to leveraging AI for the common good, particularly in enhancing educational outcomes.


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