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Awantec Celebrates 10th Year IPO Anniversary

AwanBiru Technology Berhad (Awantec) celebrated its tenth-year anniversary since it first traded on Bursa Malaysia’s Main Board, back on 27 July 2011 as a public listed company.

Awantec, which was previously known as Prestariang, had its humble beginnings as an ICT services and education trading company.

Established in 2003, the Company sprouted from a seed of aspiration to create its very own blue ocean, and have since grown from strength to strength.

Fully aware of the Company’s potential and backed by an unwavering belief in the impending digital future, Dr. Abu Hasan Ismail, the Company’s Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, along with a handful of the right people with value-creation mindset and passion, took the Company public, into the Leading Digital Transformer it is today, and the rest are history.

The heart-warming virtual celebration that was done earlier today, witnessed participation by the entire Group, across all of its subsidiaries. Not missing out from being part of the momentous moment were Awantec’s Board of Directors, Mr. Syed Naqiz Shahabuddin, Mr. Paul Chan Wan Siew, Mr. Ramanathan A/L Sathiamutty, Ms. Ginny Yeow Mei Ying, Professor Emeritus Dato' Dr Hassan bin Said, Dato' Tharuma Rajah and YM Tunku Abang Faisal Amir Abang Abu Bakar, along with Awantec’s Executive Leadership, Including Dr. Abu Hasan Ismail and Mr. Baldesh Singh A/L Manmohan Singh.

With eyes glistening on recollections of the past and future promises, Dr. Abu Hasan Ismail’s positive note on the Company’s current position was clearly heard in his speech.

“We have been through (various) ups and downs. I remember the advice that I got from Dato’ Larry Gan (back) when we launched our prospectus. He told me, ‘Abu, remember, when you run a company, it replicates much of what life is all about. There will be time for feast, and there will be time for famine. Enjoy when there is a feast, but remember that famine is just around the corner’.

And boy, he is absolutely right. We have gone through feasts, as well as famine. Thanks to the trust and faith of our shareholders, and everyone’s efforts, alhamdulillah, we are now in a much better position than before”, he reminisced.

Echoing Dr. Abu Hasan Ismail’s speech, Chairman of Awantec’s Board of Directors, Mr. Syed Naqiz Shahabuddin expressed his confidence in the Company’s capabilities, and his optimism on its outlook.

“The pivot that has been achieved recently is something of a big achievement, in my eyes and in (the eyes) many others as well.

We have experienced board members, like Paul Chan (Wan Siew) who has been around since IPO, that can continue to lend his wisdom to the Board. Then, there are new board members that have come on board, bringing with them new perspectives, assistance and wisdom to the senior management as well”, explains Syed Naqiz.

“I am optimistic, with the new projects and programmes that we have in the pipelines, and I hope we can leave the famine behind us all to start feasting once again. Here’s to another good decade ahead of us”, he added.

The celebration then continued with the announcement of the winners for “I Grew with Awantec”, which is an internal contest for the employees to showcase their growth with the Company, and then concluded with a selfie session and a happy note.

Ten years ago, on Prestariang Berhad's Listing Day:


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