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Awantec Continues To Pave Malaysia’s Talent Landscape with Global Knowledge Partnership

Cyberjaya, 8 March 2023 - Awantec Systems Sdn Bhd (“ASSB” a fully-owned subsidiary of AwanBiru Technology Berhad), continues to equip talents and organisations in line with digital industrialisation by entering into an Instructor Contractor Agreement with Global Knowledge, a worldwide leader in IT and technology training, a subsidiary company of Skillsoft Pacific Pte Ltd.

This partnership will strengthen ASSB’s position as Malaysia’s leading provider of digital learning solutions by delivering both pertinent and cutting-edge training solutions to talents and organisations. Through this collaboration, ASSB is given the right to provide training based on the demands from Global Knowledge clients in the APAC region.

“Talents and organisations need to be adaptable especially in these digital-first settings where there is an increased adoption of AI, technology and automation. Consequently, new and improved skills are constantly in demand. ASSB’s partnership with Global Knowledge is timely as it allows talents and organisations to fully unlock their tech skills and unleash their potential. This partnership will also allow ASSB to extend our presence and to provide training services throughout the APAC region, a market with plenty of promise and capacity for expansion” Director, Talent and Development, Dr Peter Lee Fuei Siong said.

As the nation’s leading digital transformer, Awantec has always been determined to focus on its core DNA, the confluence between talent and technology. Since their establishment, they have been the main channel that supports their customers, teams, and partner organisations to innovate, improvise talents, find creative solutions, and raise the standard of accomplishments through innovative training and industries-based solutions.

With the products and solutions from Global Knowledge as the foundation of Awantec’s training materials and knowledge, Awantec will now be able to give professional and practical training as subject-matter experts and offer workable solutions to both the commercial and government sectors, not only in Malaysia but also in Asia-Pacific.

The surge in technological changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the work pattern, changes in customer behaviour, global recession and loss of jobs - resulting in the necessity for existing staff to adapt and upgrade their skills. This ASSB and Global Knowledge partnership can close the skills gap that is happening in most organisations today.

“Upskilling not only improves the employees morale and increases productivity, it also ensures a flexible, agile workforce and enables the employees growth and development. Therefore, learning and development need to be integral in the company’s culture. Organisations should take the advantage of the training tools and resources available via Global Knowledge’s training module to eliminate the skill gap that is happening in their organisation.” Dr. Peter Lee Fuei Siong added.


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