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Awantec Doing Good via Food Bank Campaign

Embracing the spirit of “Malaysia Prihatin” and its own motto of “Doing Well by Doing Good”, AwanBiru Technology Berhad (Awantec) via Selangor Kerjaya Programme, launched its food bank campaign in helping those who are in need within the town of Puchong, Selangor.

True to the spirit of collaboration and unity by Malaysians of all races, religions and backgrounds, the campaign rallied seamless joint efforts by the members of Awantec, Selangor Kerjaya, Bespoke Hotel and Horizon Cafe which led to a successful fundraise of more than RM14,500.

The collections were then translated into various basic necessities, including supplies of rice, flour, eggs, sugar packs, chocolate drinks and diapers which were distributed to over 100 people in need around Puchong.

Just like the old saying of ‘teach a man to fish, and you will feed him for a lifetime’, the campaign went beyond short term provision of supplies - The recipients were registered in Selangor Kerjaya Programme in helping them to land fitting jobs, free of charge, thus solving the root issues.

“We are more than glad to help provide those in need with basic necessities. However, the supplies can only last for so long. It is the unemployment and difficulties of finding a job that placed them where they are in the first place. By having them registered with the Selangor Kerjaya Programme, we can help them to return to work, and stay working by finding suitable jobs for each of them. We will then prime them for the said jobs through training, all for free,” said Awantec’s Director, Talent and Development, Dr. Peter Lee Fuei Siong.

Looking at the sheer number of people in need, Awantec aspires to continue and expand the campaign in the near future. Beyond the one-day food bank campaign, Awantec welcomes those who are in need of a job to register in the free of charge Selangor Kerjaya Programme via, or WhatsApp +6012-7175774.


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