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Awantec Rides Digitalisation Wave with Business Owners and Communities

AwanBiru Technology Berhad (Awantec) in collaboration with Google Cloud and Perjasa, organised MyDigital Cloud Day (MDCD) as a collective effort to guide business owners and communities to embark on their journey to the cloud.

Orchestrated as a one-day virtual event, the inaugural MDCD saw a heartening participation of more than 300 individuals from both public and private sectors, including government agencies, government-linked companies, small and medium enterprises, colleges and universities across Malaysia.

Joined by cloud experts from both Google Cloud and Awantec, MDCD witnessed trades of questions and opinions as the event flew across key topics such as cloud best practices, adoption, security, modern collaboration, business processes digitisation and application of artificial intelligence.

Virtual talks aside, booth displays, free flow discussions and demonstrations of cloud capabilities were also done for the attendees to better appreciate the power of cloud in helping them to not only adapt and recover, but to grow as well in this new normal.

Awantec’s President and Group Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Abu Hasan Ismail, highlighted to the attendees that adaptation is key amid the uncertainties and disruptions brought about by the pandemic, in his officiation speech.

“Disruption is the current business model. And this model will either make us if we manage to hop on the Digital Transformation in time, or break us if we don’t. Whether we are ready or not, uncertainties and disruption will be the new normal. And whether we like it or not, we have to adapt for our businesses to remain relevant.

Efforts after another were done by our government to ensure the people make it through this pandemic. And it is only fair that we play our part in helping them do so, with this initiative to show you the ropes, and equip you with the knowledge and tools required to face the disruptions head on,” he added.

Dr. Abu also encouraged the attendees to shift to the cloud as a way forward to navigate in the economic landscape changes, and for them to constantly learn, unlearn and relearn to adapt with future challenges better.

Committed to leading Malaysia towards the digital economy and beyond, Awantec will continue to leverage on its expertise, experiences and global partnerships to hold more engagements like MDCD in the near future.


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