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Awantec Signs the Inaugural CFA with Malaysia’s Government to Accelerate Digitalisation Adoption

CYBERJAYA – On 9th May 2022, Awantec System Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of AwanBiru Technology Berhad had inked the inaugural Cloud Framework Agreement (CFA) with the government of Malaysia as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) together with Google Cloud as the Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Aiming to provide feasible solutions and deliver user-friendly cloud services, the collaboration seeks to accelerate the digitalisation adoption across various public sector agencies to improve their work processes, increase performance efficiency and overcome the hurdles of IR4.0. Primarily engaged in the business of providing Information and Communication Technology training and certification, licensing and software services and cloud management services, Awantec's appointment as an MSP is due to its excellent track record in providing cloud-based products and services to clients from diverse backgrounds including the public sector agencies.

The introduction of the CFA brings forth a structured plan to eliminate administrative overhead for individual agencies and departments which expedites the cloud adoption process and helps government agencies to save money due to economies of scale realized through aggregated procurement. It is part of the continuation plan from the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint, MyDIGITAL – an initiative that aims to transform Malaysia into a digitally-driven, high-income nation and a regional digital economy leader with inclusive, responsible, and long-term socio-economic development. As described in a general notion, the digital economy is essentially any commercial or social activity that involves the creation and application of digital technologies. The goal is to assure individuals, businesses, and governments who are all part of the digital economy, to reap the benefits of embracing digitalization through improved life quality and living standards. A government that is digitally equipped would enable provisions of unified end-to-end services that are more efficient, effective, and transparent, whereby Malaysia intends to progress toward the intended goals by 2025.

As part of our vision to accelerate digitalisation by progressing with purpose, Awantec is committed to enhancing and assisting in shaping the future government of tomorrow.

Awantec offers solutions ranging from:

  • Strategy and Change Management,

  • Cloud First Transformation,

  • Cloud Expense Management and Optimisation,

  • Cloud Operations and Support, and

  • Technology Talent Development.

Awantec is also confident to lead the cloud transformation journey. Our framework for strategy and change management is through personal customisation to meet their standards, objectives and needs to ensure successful and seamless conversion.


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