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Awantec Strides Further on Digitalisation Effort with SUKNS Learning Hub

AwanBiru Technology Berhad's (Awantec) stretched its digitalisation wings further as Pejabat Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Sembilan (SUKNS) virtually launched its online learning platform, SUKNS Learning Hub, earlier today.

Underpinned by SUKNS's aspiration of continuous improvements, in the aspects of public services and good governance, SUKNS Learning Hub will be the catalyst for upskilling and reskilling of public servants within the state.

Facing the headwind of the pandemic which has limited SUKNS’s effort to drive core competencies of its members, across various agencies within Negeri Sembilan, SUKNS Learning Hub will also ensure uninterrupted learning process from the safety and comfort of their respective homes.

Committed to the notion, Awantec via its wholly-owned subsidiary, Prestariang Systems Sdn Bhd will be supplying an estimated amount of 600 online learning licenses as a pilot project for PSUKNS.

Awantec will also be playing a pivotal role to support SUKNS’s shift to a fully online learning platform, throughout the one year contract period.

Officiated by the Deputy Government Secretary (Management) of Negeri Sembilan, YBhg. Dato' Masri Bin Haji Razali, the virtual launch was witnessed by more than 250 members, logged in from various agencies within Negeri Sembilan.

Representing Awantec in the launch, Dr. Peter Lee Fuei Siong, Director, Talent and Development, made it clear that Awantec is all in to ensure the shift towards digital learning for SUKNS a success.

“As we progress through the pandemic, more and more organisations are intrigued with the idea of online learning as a mean to progress and upskilling themselves, as this option provides unrivalled flexibility for learners to progress within their individual paces, at any time of their choice, and anywhere they like the session to be, on any devices,” says Dr. Peter.

“SUKNS encapsulates a multifunctional team, across the state that are serving the interest of Negeri Sembilan people within various sectors. This translates into wide variants of skill requirements and numerous core competencies to be driven to ensure a holistic advancement of the state’s public servants.

Given the capability of SUKNS Learning Hub to provide highly customised learning contents and experiences for each unique individuals, we are certain that the development of SUKNS’s team will be optimal - and we are more than happy to support the journey,” he added.

The contract is valued at RM 75,000.00 and is expected to drive fair revenue for Awantec Group.


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