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Awantec Underpins Implementation of Sabah ELITE Percipio

AwanBiru Technology Berhad (Awantec) joined the Sabah State Government today in a virtual launch of the Sabah ELITE Percipio, an online learning platform implemented to enable fully online learning for 1,500 of their senior officers, encompassing those of Grade 41 up to JUSA level.

The Sabah ELITE Percipio is an initiative by Sabah State Government to foster lifelong learning culture for their officers, allowing them to upskill themselves via any courses of their choice, anytime, anywhere, on any mobile devices – in line with the Fifth Enabler of Digital Government within the Hala Tuju Sabah Maju Jaya development blueprint.

The online learning platform was launched, and officiated virtually by the State Secretary of Sabah, Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Panglima Sr. Haji Safar Bin Untong, and was graced by the presence of Sabah State Director-General of the Public Service Department, Datuk Rosmadi Datu Sulai along with a handful of Sabah State Government’s key officers as well.

Awantec initiated mobilization of the Sabah ELITE Percipio when its wholly-owned subsidiary, Prestariang System Sdn Bhd (PSSB) received the appointment from Sabah State Government, back in December 2020, of which encompasses the provision of implementation of the online learning platform and change management elements as well.

PSSB will also support the curation Sabah ELITE Percipio’s specific competency based course and curriculum, where some of the courses will lead to a fair number of globally recognized certifications.

The virtual launch was also participated by Dr. Peter Lee Fuei Siong, Awantec’s Director of Talent and Development, and Mdm Vithia A/P Paltore, Awantec’s Senior Manager, Learning and Talent Services.

The Sabah ELITE Percipio appointment is expected to drive fair revenue to the Awantec Group.


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