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Cyberjaya, June 28, 2022 – Awantec Systems Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of AwanBiru Technology Berhad has entered into a new agreement with Planally Sdn Bhd (Planally) through the Memorandum of Collaboration (MoC) to work exclusively with each other in pooling their capabilities and establishing a mutually beneficial collaboration for the provision of the Planally software.

Awantec, synonymous with the synergistic integration of talent and technology, views this partnership as an opportunity to strengthen and enhance its business ecosystem while acting as the Digital Transformer driving the technology industry in Malaysia towards and beyond the new digital economy. With Awantec’s capacity and proven competencies in accelerating digitalisation, both parties hope to benefit from each other’s expertise and experience to strive toward growth and success.

“As a digital enabler, we aim to provide sustainable digital products and services at a minimal cost to encourage digital adoption. Planally is the latest add-on to our change management offerings. It reduces the need to rely on labour and long processes; instead, users can autonomously maximise their full capacity to their advantage. We are thrilled to have Planally onboard, a product of a local company whose software is equally powerful and robust as other globally recognised Work Management Platforms”, said Rezal Rahman, the CEO of Awantec.

Javed Akhtar, the Co-founder and CEO of Planally commented, “In our opinion, when combined with what we each have to bring to the table in terms of high-quality technology services, the product, market knowledge and calibre are the much-needed keys to unlocking that next level of sustainable digital transformation that our country needs and is so ready for. In the near future, we are confident that this collaboration with Awantec will also successfully take larger strides in that global direction”.

Planally is the next leading name in the Digital Workspace Software, providing a highly dynamic and configurable Work Management Platform that helps organisations and teams from any industry transform their manual processes into digital applications within minutes. It is the only Work Management Platform that offers the Phase Gate Methodology enabling absolute control over every possible area of the business by establishing a well-ordered workflow from start to finish.

This low-cost software also empowers its users to digitalise, automate and standardise any work process with just a few clicks. Its intuitive features offer unparalleled levels of transparency, visibility and control over work on an easily accessible and user-friendly platform resulting in greater efficiency, minimal risk of error, standardised execution and consistent results every time.


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