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Building a Sustainable Supply Chain

In this edition of ESG corner, we delve into Awantec's journey towards building a sustainable supply chain. Recognizing its pivotal role in our strategy to combat climate change, and as stipulated by Bursa Malaysia, this initiative not only aligns with our business objectives but also brings a multitude of benefits to our organization, the environment, and society as a whole.

As a company which is committed to digital transformation, Awantec acknowledges the indispensable contribution of our supply chain in achieving sustainability excellence. By integrating sustainability principles into our procurement processes, we address sustainability considerations, effectively mitigate risks associated with climate-related legislation, and, most significantly, nurture long-term resilience. This proactive approach enables us to adapt to evolving regulatory requirements and meet the evolving expectations of our consumers.

By partnering with vendors who share our environmental values, Awantec actively reduces its carbon footprint, minimizes waste generation, and conserves precious resources. These environmentally conscious alliances not only enhance our reputation but also cultivate stakeholder trust, positioning us as an ethical and socially responsible organization. Moreover, through vendor screening processes that promote sustainability practices aligned with their offerings, we bolster our resilience to climate impacts and fortify our capacity to navigate unforeseen disruptions. This sustainable supply chain empowers us to maintain a competitive edge in a dynamic business landscape, embracing innovative and eco-friendly solutions while driving operational efficiencies. These concerted efforts establish Awantec as an industry frontrunner, attracting talented employees who share our values and aspirations.

Awantec takes pride in the significant strides it has already made towards the complete integration of a sustainable supply chain. In addition to our conventional vendor screening process, we have introduced sustainability criteria that play a pivotal role in evaluating successful partnerships. This ensures that from the outset, our partners align with our sustainability vision. Moreover, we are actively engaging with our existing vendors, assessing their sustainability initiatives, and encouraging the adoption of best practices.

Through collaborative efforts and synergistic relationships with like-minded suppliers, Awantec strives to drive positive change throughout its supply chain. By working collectively towards our sustainability goals, we aim to create a lasting impact on our organization, industry, and society at large.


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