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Continuous Learning and Development for Sustainable Success

In this edition of the Sustainability newsletter, we highlight the intrinsic link between talent development and sustainability. At Awantec, we wholeheartedly recognise our team's pivotal role in propelling our sustainable initiatives. All sustainability approaches and initiatives are reliant on unity, which flourishes when every member of our organisation is actively engaged in the journey. As we recognize that fostering talent development not only contributes to a sustainable future but also elevates our company to greater heights.

Our pursuit of this vision is translated through various initiatives centred on employee development and well-being. We provide continuous learning avenues, granting access to a diverse array of courses and certifications via our Percipio platform. We actively foster a culture of open communication and inclusivity. Our aspiration is clear, we aim to empower our employees to not only excel in their roles but also attain their full potential. Aligned with our commitment to Learning & Development, we conduct semi-annual COMPASS discussions with each employee. These sessions enable us to pinpoint individual competencies and performance clusters, which in turn guide us in suggesting relevant training programs. Our comprehensive approach involves detailed training needs analyses at individual, group, and organisational levels. Every employee is equipped with an e-learning platform (Skillsoft Percipio) account upon onboarding.

Beyond our routine training, we've introduced essential initiatives aligned with fresh policies and directives. In FY2023, we established a dedicated team of floor wardens, doubling as an Emergency Response Team and First Aiders. CERT Academy's rigorous training was extended to all designated staff, demonstrating our commitment to preparedness. Furthermore, we conducted an internal company-wide Anti-corruption and bribery training & awareness event, along with manager training on handling reports or instances of bullying or harassment in the works for FY2024

Our dedication shines through in the fiscal year 2023, with an impressive average of 67.2 training man-days per employee. This statistic underlines our unwavering commitment to perpetual learning and development. As we forge ahead, our steadfast commitment remains: to nurture a culture of continuous learning and growth. By investing in our workforce, we're cultivating innovation and superior customer service and laying the foundation for sustainable growth in the years to come.


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