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Enriching Malaysia's Digital Talent

Over the last couple of years, most companies were forced to adapt and embrace digitalisation due to the government sanctioned lockdowns. Digitalisation often focuses on new solutions or innovations through the use of new technologies such as cloud-based environments and artificial intelligence.

However, without the right talent, technology will just be technology. Therefore, in this fast changing digital era, organisations need to start empowering their workforce to remain competitive and relevant.

According to MDEC’s Digital Talent Snapshot report, there were 261,077 digital talents available in Malaysia in 4Q last year, and 55.2% of them were located in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. Whereas a survey conducted by Robert Walters found that technology-driven roles such as artificial intelligence, e-commerce, digital marketing as well as data analytics are highly sought after skills and on the upward trend.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught most companies to understand the critical nature and importance of a digitally educated workforce as well as the urgent need to reskill, upskill and cross-skill the existing workforce, while carrying on the hiring of new digital talents at the same time.

Awantec, a leading technology and talent digitalisation enabler is offering its training courses on e-LATiH, the Human Resource Development Corporation's (HRD Corp) digital learning platform.

Working hand-in-hand with Skillsoft, a widely recognised global leader in the e-learning industry which offers a variety of engaging and effective learning experiences, including interactive courses, videos, books, and simulations. Awantec was awarded Skillsoft’s “APAC Partner of the Year award 2022” in recognition of Awantec’s commitment and success in delivering upskilling programs.

Offering training courses on HRD Corp e-LATiH represents a major milestone for Awantec and Skillsoft, as it opens up new avenues for growth and provides a platform to reach out to a wider audience, particularly the 74,000 HRD Corp registered SMEs with over 1.8 million employees. Companies or organisations who frequently face challenges due to affordability or the inability to release employees for training will be given the opportunity to be upskilled using their existing levy contribution for e-learning. Over 70 courses from personal improvement and development, cybersecurity and IT fundamentals such as Blockchain fundamentals, Big Data, Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Specialist, etc are available on the e-learning platform.

This effort will provide Awantec and Skillsoft an opportunity to make inroads into the commercial training market and reach out to SMEs. With this access to e-learning, SMEs can now upskill their employees using their existing levy contribution, leading to increased productivity and competitiveness.


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