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Fast Track Your Workplace Digital Transformation

In the last couple of years, we faced an atypical situation due to COVID-19 which pushes many organisations to redesign their processes, adopting remote or hybrid working environments and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. Innovative and flexible solutions that can help employees and organisations has become an essential tool.

Awantec, Malaysia’s leading digital transformation enabler offers a comprehensive Work Transformation service, that would cater to your organisation’s need for digital transformation. The solutions offered will help to elevate your organisation from having legacy systems to modern infrastructure.

Through the strategic partnership between Awantec and Google, our Work Transformation service is an ideal solution for organisations who are looking for cloud migration solutions to transform the future of their workplace. Awantec’s valuable offerings through Google Workspace will not only increase collaboration and communication between the organisation’s employees but also it will help to increase productivity as well as reducing the IT cost.

Google Workspace makes collaboration so much easier as decisions can be made on the spot through seamless video conferencing, which can be done from anywhere via any camera-enabled computer, phone or tablet. Collaboration on Google Workspace can be done in real-time as the platform allows multiple people within or people outside your organisation to work simultaneously on documents, spreadsheets, and slides across any devices, and every change is saved automatically.

As a cloud-based platform, Google Workspace platform can be accessed 24/7, from any location. This allows employees to have the freedom to access any information from anywhere and from any device, which will lead to significant improvements in efficiency and productivity. This new way of working will definitely outweigh the inefficiencies of working based on isolated and computer-dependent productivity tools.

The offline features on Google Workspace made it possible to work offline when the network is not available. For example, if an employee prefers to have a copy of the file to be hosted locally on their computer for offline working, Google’s File Stream can sync the latest version of the content onto the computer to ensure that the employee is always working with the latest files and don’t need to waste their time moving or duplicating them.

Google Workspace is designed to meet strict privacy and security standards. They implemented rigorous, industry-leading security protocols for both of their physical data centres and cloud-hosted operations. This is to protect your organisation’s data with security options like 2-Step Authentication and Single Sign-On. All these security settings can be easily configured from a centralised administration console which is available 24/7. ok

Overall, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed business ecosystems globally and new technologies as well as innovations definitely played a crucial role in this time of crisis. The pandemic has spurred technology innovation and adoption with the rise in contactless technology and changes in the business landscape. As most organisations are adapting to the “new normal”, Google Workspace keeps pace with the market needs by releasing new features and innovations that makes collaboration and communication more seamless.

If you are an organisation or an enterprise looking to transform your business through technology and innovation, please contact us at to start the conversation today.


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