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First Awantec Virtual Talk Session – Musculoskeletal and Back Care

Aspiring to celebrate employees’ collective interest and to address on key topics, AwanBiru Technology Berhad (Awantec) has launched its first virtual talk session. The first out of many more to come, encapsulate the topical issue of back pain at workplace and on methods to overcome it.

While the employees are given ergonomic chairs to match with the ideal working desks in the office, working from home (WFH) poses different set of challenges altogether as the setups vary – from makeshift computer table to repurposed dining table. As the comfort level drops, health problems ensues, followed by a dip in productivity.

Aware of the WFH’s obstacle, Awantec seek some professional guide from physiotherapist duo, Ms. Amirah Husna Abdullah Sharwani and Ms. Siti Nurhanifa Abdul Rahim to shed some light in order for the Group to combat work-related musculoskeletal disorders and back pain.

The virtual talk session witnessed encouraging Group-wide participations, as the employees were raring to remedy and where possible, to avoid the issues altogether from impacting their quality of life and work productivity.

While explaining in detail of the human body and its anatomy, Ms. Amirah touched on the general ruling where one should avoid staying in a static posture for two consecutive hours. “Prolonged, static sitting position and bad heavy loading movement are two major contributors of work-related muscle injuries. However, the risk can be mitigated by paying more attention on postural care and regular stretching,” Ms. Amirah highlighted.

With the Group elucidated on their anatomy, along with proper sitting and working posture, the professional duo left the employees with proper stretching techniques as demonstrations were given from the neck, all the way to hamstring to impart correct stretching methods – with a quip reminder that it will take more than one or two sessions for the body to be flexible again.


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