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Future Proof Malaysia Digital Tech Talent Pool

In recent times, the role of digital has become ever more important for the survival of businesses after almost all industries went through a turbulent roller coaster ride and were forced to adapt and embrace digitalisation. This has resulted in non-traditional information and communications technology (ICT) companies being seen as being in a hiring mode for digital talents. However, the challenging question that remains on every recruiter’s mind is, “Are our digital talents competent enough for the job market?”

As Malaysia’s catalyst for digital transformation, Awantec emphasises on upskilling and reskilling digital journeys, particularly in the areas of data analytics, cybersecurity, software development, and IT fundamentals. Awantec’s strategic partnership with CompTIA, the world's most trusted certifying body for IT professionals, can help our talents unlock their potential in the technology industry by providing industry-leading certifications and courses.

These industry-leading certifications provided by CompTIA are widely recognised and accepted, which could propel your IT career forward. For organisations that are looking to reskill or upskill their current talent, whether it is an entry-level IT certification or a more advanced certification, CompTIA aims to advance our digital talents’ careers.

These certifications are meticulously designed to align with IT infrastructure and cybersecurity career trajectories. Each certification you attain not only signifies a notable enhancement in your expertise but also paves the way for further specialisation. Core certifications, like CompTIA A+, establish a solid foundation for more specialised pathway certifications. CompTIA certifications cover a broad range of technological domains, such as data analytics, cybersecurity, software development, and IT fundamentals. This comprehensive coverage ensures that your employees can gain the necessary expertise in various areas of digitalisation, allowing them to effectively contribute to various projects and initiatives within your organisation.

CompTIA does not only offer IT certifications, they also offer an array of research publications on non IT topics such as business planning, marketing, education, and sales efforts, that are available to members of CompTIA for free. These resources can assist you in learning about industry trends, best practises, and strategic approaches, which will ultimately support your overall digital transformation strategy.

Finally, collaborating with CompTIA and encouraging your employees to pursue certifications can be critical in supporting your company's digitalisation efforts. ​If you are an organisation or an enterprise looking for IT certifications for your employees, contact us at to take your first step towards unlocking your potential in tech.


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