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Making Cloud-first IT Technology the Top Choice for Your Business

For more than a decade, Google has provided us with reliable and secured browsers. Now that the future of work has evolved after the pandemic, organisations have started to look into digitisation for their business operations after realising that their employees are heavily reliant on web-based applications that are accessible anytime and anywhere on any device to support their work. Thus, the IT department scrambled to make sure that the organisation can provide their employees with the flexibility to access business applications, but at the same time ensuring that security, speed and user experience are not compromised.

Therefore, choices made by the IT department are crucial as it will set up the organisation for success by selecting the right operating system that will drive productivity, cost effectiveness, drive efficiency and reliability.

Google ChromeOS has come a long way since its launch in 2009, with the goal to build the simplest, fastest and most secure operating system. Since then, the software has evolved considerably and was inspired by businesses who have embraced Chrome, from Chrombooks in the office, to shared Chrome devices in the field and in the retail industry.

The birth of Chrome Enterprise in 2017 marked a significant milestone for Google after a learning based on different business needs, but all comes down to the need of having a single, cost-effective solution that is able to give them the flexibility and control to keep their employees connected.

Chrome Enterprise combines the business capabilities of Chrome browser, ChromeOS, and ChromeOS devices to power your cloud workforce including access to enterprise app storefronts, deep security controls, 24/7 support, as well as integration with cloud and on-premise management tools, VMware Workspace ONE and Microsoft Active Directory. Businesses of all types can benefit from Google Chrome Enterprise, a cloud-first operating system and devices that are easy to manage even remotely, deploy quickly and have built-in security to provide a modern employee experience.

In 2022, Google announced ChromeOS Flex, another version of ChromeOS that allows organisations to modernise their PC and Mac devices without any additional cost. This cloud-first OS is a sustainable way to modernise your existing devices as it is easy to deploy across all your PCs and Macs as it is:

  • Fast, modern work experience from anywhere

  • Fast deployment and easy management

  • Proactive security

  • Make the most of your existing hardware

If you are an organisation looking to drive change in the future of work within your organisation through technology, please contact us at to start the conversation today.


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