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Malaysia’s Cyber Security Bill 2024 and the Launch of Rocheston’s RCCO Certification

In a significant move towards bolstering national cybersecurity, the Dewan Rakyat passed the Cyber Security Bill 2024. This bill aims to enhance the nation’s cybersecurity through compliance with specific measures, standards, and processes in managing cybersecurity threats.

In line with this development, Awantec & Rocheston is launching the Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Compliance Officer (CCO®) program. This advanced cybersecurity certification program is designed for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and other security professionals. The CCO® certification is an essential qualification for anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity practices and regulations.

The CCO® Certification

The CCO® certification is targeted towards IT professionals working with compliance regulations related to cybersecurity. The program provides an in-depth look at the legal, governance, and compliance aspects of cybersecurity. It covers an understanding of cybersecurity frameworks, standards, best practices, and processes necessary to maintain compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The certification covers topics such as risk management, security policies, data protection, cloud security, zero-trust architecture, incident response, and privacy. It also emphasises the importance of monitoring and auditing, ensuring that organisations remain compliant with existing legislation and standards.

By completing the CCO®, IT professionals will be able to demonstrate knowledge of cybersecurity compliance and gain the skills needed to protect their organisation’s business and its assets.

The CCO® Exam

The CCO® exam consists of 50 scenario-based multiple-choice questions. The exam is conducted online using the Rocheston Ramsys Exam Proctoring System. The course duration is three days, totaling 24 hours.

Upon registration, participants will be provided with course materials in softcopy format, a single exam voucher, and one-year access to Cyberclass/e-learning.

Target Audience

The cybersecurity compliance program is beneficial to CEOs, COOs, CTOs, system administrators, risk assessment professionals, information security officers, and representatives of international cybersecurity regulatory bodies.

Course Outline

The CCO® program covers a wide range of topics, including but not limited to cybersecurity principles and ethics, cybersecurity models and frameworks, cybersecurity legal regulatory governance and compliance, cybersecurity policies and procedures, asset discovery, classification and management, risk assessment, identity and access management, cybersecurity design and architecture, network security compliance, audits and compliance checks, cyber threat intelligence, security operations centre (SOC), incident handling and response, system and database security, business continuity and disaster recovery, physical and biometrics security, secure coding and DevSecOps, data protection and cryptography, cybersecurity awareness training, cybersecurity performance metrics, supply chain risk management, zero-trust architecture, and cloud security compliance.

In conclusion, the passing of the Cyber Security Bill 2024 in Malaysia and the introduction of the Rocheston CCO® certification program via Awantec marks a significant step towards strengthening cybersecurity in the country. These initiatives will ensure that organisations are better equipped to manage cybersecurity threats and remain compliant with existing legislation and standards.

If you are interested in the RCCO programme or even wanting to strengthen your cybersecurity knowledge with industry certifications, contact us at,


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