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Modernising Government Communications with Zoom

However you serve your community, it’s important to understand how you can strategically use technology to evolve the way you work, improve service delivery, and better prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

Zoom’s secure communications solution is easy to deploy, manage, and scale. With consistent and reliable high-quality video, even in low-bandwidth environments, government departments and agencies can reduce costs, improve efficiency, enhance internal collaboration, and extend citizen services.

Zoom is for your mission

It's more than just meetings! The Zoom platform extends beyond Zoom Meetings and Chat to Zoom Video Webinars and Zoom Rooms to:

  • Boost productivity

  • Maximise resources

  • Extend citizen services

Read on to understand how!

How the Zoom platform modernises communications through: Zoom Meetings
  • Make town halls interactive and engaging with HD video and in-meeting chat

  • Attract and retain better talent by encouraging a hybrid workplace and flexible collaboration

  • Make your virtual engagements more accessible with auto-generated captions

Zoom Rooms
  • Introducing smart, touch-enabled in-office devices that enhance the overall work experience

  • Connect employees from the office, their residences, or while they are on the road.

  • Deploy digital signage in buildings to display important announcements and information

Zoom Team Chat

Communicate efficiently with co-workers around the country or region through instant messaging

Zoom Events

Celebrate local events and holidays in an engaging virtual setting

Zoom Webinars

Scale internal learning courses or compliance training to a broad audience

Contact us today to find out how your government agency can implement solutions to streamline and secure your mission-critical functions and communications.


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